What you missed when True/False weekend kicked off with March March


Senior Harry Stretz marches through downtown as part of True/False Film Festival’s March March. Photo by Muhammad Al-Rawi

Muhammad Al-Rawi

I arrived at the courthouse square early Friday evening. There weren’t very many people there, just people with bicycles and a group dressed as vegetables.
After pacing for a while, I began to wonder if I was at the right place. But within minutes, people dressed in everything from cows to robots made their way from every direction. Bands began assembling and warming up. The courthouse square suddenly became a crowded, lively environment. And before I knew it, the march was under way.
This was my first time attending the March March. I had no idea what to expect. The event was beyond lively; the atmosphere was something to experience.
Big thanks to Taha Hameduddin for lending me his camera!
By Muhammad Al-Rawi
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