Queen candidates juggle homecoming, school

Manal Salim

Campaigns, competition, rehearsals, anxiety and, if that isn’t enough, embarrassment in front of the entire school — this week has been hectic for the homecoming queen candidates, and the list doesn’t end at just that.
Queen candidate Sarah Henzel said the week has been stressful for her as she has to balance the homecoming festivities with work and school.
“But it’s the good kind of stress. All the planning and practice is definitely worth it,” Henzel said. The activities are “really no trouble at all, I am blessed to be nominated and excited to do it.”
As for campaigning and encouraging students to vote for them, Henzel describes how she hasn’t truly been competitively putting herself out there. Her escort senior Diego Huaman has been doing most of that work for her.
“I’ve just been dressing up and anyone who says they’ll vote for me, I thank them and tell them how much I appreciate it,” Henzel said.
Henzel awaits the Friday night football game when the winner will be announced. She said she will be slightly disappointed is she doesn’t win, just like any other candidate, but that feeling will be overwhelmed by happiness for the queen.
“I’d have just a tinge of disappointment,” Henzel said. “But I would be extremely happy for whoever wins. I’m just blessed to be here.”
By Manal Salim