Girls basketball wins courtwarming game against Helias

Abbie Powers

Senior Lindsey Cunningham plays defense. Photo by Drew Rodgers.
Courtwarming week was a blur of neon and ’90s, and the girls basketball game against Helias Catholic High School was just as flashy and thrilling as this week’s festive – if not tacky – tribute to childhood favorites, as they won the game 70-26.
The Lady Bruins (19-3) showed true vigor and fight in their control and dominance of the ball at tonight’s game against Jefferson City rivals, the Lady Crusades (18-6) from Helias High School. Rock Bridge girls’ strong record is a reflection of the team’s consistent quality offence and resistance to sloppy athleticism.
Throughout the game, the team sported tall, hot pink socks and shoelaces in support of breast cancer awareness; the emblazoned fuchsia seemed a reflection of the Lady Bruin’s fiery drive on the court.
The game started pointless as each team struggled to establish an advantage. The girls glided from one hoop all the way across to the other, back and forth, until senior Lindsey Cunningham eventually secured the game’s first point with over two minutes already cut from the clock.
The ice was broken, and when Helias took back the ball, they scored a three-pointer. But the Bruins were now hooked in a steady, successful flow, and junior Hannah Dressler easily ran the ball crosscourt once more and delivered it to Cunningham who snagged another clean-cut two-pointer.
As the battle between Crusaders and Bruins continued to rage, each team’s approach proved successful, but Rock Bridge’s more so. With 1:20 left in the first quarter, Helias had scored two three-pointers while the Lady Bruins managed to scoop up 15 points worth of fouls and two-pointers.
The Lady Crusades continued to display aggressive offense, but it was Rock Bride’s smart, dependable skill that allowed them to quickly rack up enough points and ensure yet another victory.
“We played as a team and shared the ball really well. We gave up the good shot for the great shot. We would make the extra pass to give our teammate an open look,” senior guard Nicole Montgomery said. “This helped us win because we didn’t care who scored it as long as it went in. We were unselfish which shows how good our team chemistry is on and off the floor.”
Montgomery’s praise and understanding of her team is just one of the many aspects the Bruins have accumulated to establish a strong, powerful front. A close team makes swiftly coordinated play on the court inevitable.
“My favorite moment was when Kelsey Harrington hit a three at the end of the game,” Montgomery said of a fellow teammate, senior guard Kelsey Harrington. “I think I was more excited than she was.”
JV also snatched a victory with an end score of 36-32, setting the night’s winning theme.