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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Kindness helps humans change

Abbie Powers May 24, 2012

With hair damp from rain and spirits trampled by life, the sincere concern of a friend caring for my well-being, three words, "how are you?" left me with a refreshing sense of hope and warmth. The words...

The Lucky One lacks substance, still entertains

‘The Lucky One’ lacks substance, still entertains

Abbie Powers April 22, 2012

The Lucky One is satisfying. While its transitions were slightly awkward, its acting less than groundbreaking and its story borderline cliché, it was good because it was exactly what it should have been. A...

Lady Bruins pull through with semifinals victory despite slow start

Abbie Powers March 8, 2012

The athletes of Rock Bridge High School’s girls basketball team (25-3) proved worthy of the buzzing hype preceding this afternoon’s Class 5 State Semifinal game. The Mizzou Arena’s grand stage let...

Girls basketball wins courtwarming game against Helias

Abbie Powers February 17, 2012

Courtwarming week was a blur of neon and '90s, and the girls basketball game against Helias Catholic High School was just as flashy and thrilling as this week’s festive - if not tacky - tribute to...

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Breaking Dawn: Part 1 shows its true colors

Abbie Powers November 24, 2011

A swirling, reddish mist crawled through a burning screen, weaving in and out of the sinister, shining letters perched forebodingly atop a cloud of blood-red sky — Breaking Dawn: Part 1. As I laughed...

Ice cream truck delivers memory of old simplicity

Abbie Powers November 7, 2011

The twangy, digital sound planted a small seed of hope in my ears the moment it squeezed its way through the mesh of the open windows. My assurance that the tune was only a whisper of a distant sound wave...

Footloose remake creates even better Bacon for dance fanatics

‘Footloose’ remake creates even better Bacon for dance fanatics

Abbie Powers October 28, 2011

Teen angst. Miniskirts. Red boots. Those seemed to be the main components of the reverberated classic Footloose. And although they may sound like a racy, superficial bunch, they managed to unite in a...

Laughter reveals sense of character

Abbie Powers October 11, 2011

My cousin Katelyn and I dropped behind the counter as our bursting laughter weakened our cores and heightened our need to get out of sight. Silent chortles made us hug our stomachs and gasp for available...

Homecoming Queen Nominee: Sarah Henzel

Homecoming Queen Nominee: Sarah Henzel

Abbie Powers October 4, 2011

        Sarah Henzel, escorted by senior Diego Huaman. How did you ask our escort to homecoming? I looked deeply in those beautiful eyes of his and said, " Will you be my escort,...

‘Sex in the City’ star fails to find spark in new movie

Abbie Powers September 22, 2011

After school on an un­seasonably chilly Sep­tember day, I charged to the front of Forum 8’s box office in quest of a freshly torn, “twilight-priced” ticket to two hours of a femininely satisfying...

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