Model UN travels to DC, partakes in international competition

Alex Burnam

Model UN delegates seniors Will Kinney, Julian Vizitei and Bill Milanick unwind after a long day of traveling. photo by Alex Burnam.
New horizons are good for the soul. They excite one’s intellect and brighten one’s day. On the morning of Feb. 15, 28 members of the Model United Nations team rolled out of the south lot with their own horizons on on mind — Washington DC.
Crammed into a First Student Bus, student delegates were excited about the coming week.
“It was jovial, everyone was joking around” senior Julian Vizitei said. “There was lots of banter, and we had music pumping. It would be safe to say that we were very excited.”
After having unloaded their gear outside Lambert St. Louis International Airport, the valiant 28 began the exhaustive process of airport check in. Luckily, they had a world traveler at their helm.
United States history teacher and world traveler, Dan Ware sped through the check in as it it were his job. Within 15 minutes (and a marathon of running between check in kiosks), Ware managed to get tickets for every delegate, something that astounded senior Bill Milanick.
“He was faster than a jackrabbit,” said Milanick. “It was crazy. Mr. Ware has a lot of experience.”
After roughly an hour in the air, the Model UN team touched down in our nation’s capital. The team then checked into the historic Washington Hilton, scene of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981. Although exhaustion was apparent among the crew, team members such as senior Casey Wright were giddy with anticipation about the conference ahead of them.
“I’m excited,” said Wright. “I really think I’m going to do well. I spent a ton of time preparing.”
Tomorrow, the student delegates will be entering into competition with high schools from across the world in simulated governmental activities.
“In past years, at lease one person has gotten award,” Vizitei said. “If two or three of us could do that this year, it would be huge. I believe that this group can do it because we are the most prepared group to come to this conference yet; we’re cohesive.”
By Alex Burnam