Meet Courtwarming candidate Ty Griggs


Photo by Asa Lory

Parker Sutherland

Photo by Asa Lory
Ty Griggs, escorted by [junior] Leia Tarbox
How did you ask your escort to courtwarming?
Leia really likes Batman, so I broke into her car and left a Batman doll with a note that asked her.
What were your immediate thoughts after hearing your name in the nominations?
I didn’t even know I got it until some people started congratulating me, and I realized I must have missed the announcements, but I was pretty excited when I found out and fe[lt] honored to have been chosen.
What courtwarming activity do you look forward to most?
Well, we don’t know the activities yet, but I’m excited for dressing up for the favorite show day. Leia and I are coming as characters from “Rocket Power” and are actually going to be skating around school.
What school activities do you participate in? What accomplishments have you had in these activities?
I participate in Student Council, National Honors Society, [Fellowship of Christian Athletes], Young Republicans, varsity soccer, girls soccer management, [Rock Bridge Reaches Out] and BRU-CREW. In soccer I was first Team All-District and first team All-Regional; [I am also] Student Body Treasurer, and I just feel accomplished in the other clubs participating in the various activities that they do.
How do you think you would exemplify a Courtwarming king if you won?
I would win with swag and lose with swag. … either way I’ve got that swag.
How have you made the school a better place?
I like to think I’ve been welcoming and friendly to everyone, getting to know new people and helping people out when they need it.
What are your dreams and aspirations?
I’ve always wanted to be a professional soccer player, lacing up and getting on the field with thousands of people watching me do what I love to do.
What is your most embarrassing high school memory?
One fine day during P.E., a young man by the name of [junior] Eli Sherman was taking a tinkle in the urinal. I approached in stealth mode, giving him the typical soccer greeting, a quick yet firm slap to the butt in an attempt to startle him. Long story short, it wasn’t Eli.

What is your favorite RBHS moment so far?
My favorite RBHS moment so far has so be the times with soccer team. Our trip to the state tournament, getting to know the guys and all the crazy times we had together.
By Parker Sutherland