Throwback Thursday sparks student spirit


Junior Nora Croom pouts and holds a peace sign on her way to class 3rd hour. Her flower-child 60’s inspired outfit comes from the theater costume closet, as she is close with the costumer of the choir program.

Audrey Snyder

On Thursday, Feb. 27 students dressed up for “Decade’s day,” donning outfits from decades assigned to each class. Freshman wore fashion from the 50’s, sophomores dressed like the 60’s, juniors flashbacked to the ’70s, and seniors rocked like the ’80s.

Teachers joined in the fun, too, such as Mr. Sinclair, decked out in black head to toe, chains, fingerless gloves and lots of eyeliner. The halls were filled with bright colors and student spirit as students rocked bell bottoms, gogo boots, tie dye, letterman jackets, scrunchies and peace signs.

School isn’t in session Friday, but the Courtwarming game is happening against Helias at 6 p.m. with a formal student section theme, followed by the dance on Saturday.

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