Meet Courtwarming candidate Alex Brown

Daphne Yu

photo by Asa Lory
Alex Brown, escorted by senior Elissa Starr
How did you ask your escort to Courtwarming?
I actually called her on Saturday or Friday night.
What were your immediate thoughts after hearing your name in the nominations?
Probably that this was going to be an exciting week. I’m looking forward to representing Rock Bridge. I’m not really one to seek out attention, but I’ll have the most fun I can.
What court warming activity do you look forward to the most?
Probably the game, seeing who’s going to be crowned. I mean, all the candidates deserve it.
What school activities do you participate in? What accomplishments have you had in these activities?
I play baseball, I’m in [National Honors Society], German Honors Society, DECA and Young Republicans.
How do you think you would exemplify Courtwarming king if you won?
Gee, I don’t know. I don’t really have an answer to that one. It’s really an honor to represent Rock Bridge; it’s given me so many opportunities.
How have you made the school a better place?
I usually try to keep people relaxed,. I’m not one to get into drama or stress or anything like that.
What are your dreams and aspirations?
To be a center in the NBA.
What is your most embarrassing high school memory?
I have a friend, [senior] Caleb Wilfong, who likes to scream inappropriate things at me in the hallways all the time, so that’s probably one of them.
What is your favorite RBHS moment so far?
All the moments I shared hanging out with the baseball team, having a lot of fun with the guys. Just the bus ride, the games, practicing with them every day — building relationships through them.
By Daphne Yu