Golden Cow fights against M.S.

Isaac Pasley

On Fire: Team Inferno, a group of redheaded seniors, practices their routine for Golden Cow. The competition will take place Feb. 1st, with proceeds going towards fighting multiple sclerosis. Photo by Shawn Crouch
popular student tradition at RBHS, the Golden Cow lip-synching competition is just around the corner. The event will take place Wednesday, Feb. 1, with auditions having concluded Jan. 24.

In the competition, which Student Council and activities director David Bones direct, teams of up to 15 people lip-synch along to pre-recorded music. Senior Mehdi Ben-Ayed said the competition exhibits RBHS’ diversity.
“It’s awesome because anyone can do it, and they do it without that stigma of feeling like I’m not the right person to be doing this,” Ben-Ayed said. “Like me, for example. I’m going to be an Arab redhead with an Afro.”
Bones said both students and faculty take part in the competition; existing pop-songs are used most often, but occasionally students write their own songs to perform.
“Two years ago, there was a student who wrote [his] own song, performed [his] own song and recorded [his] own song,” Bones said. He “then played it back on tape and performed a lip-synch of [his]own music.”
To Ben-Ayed the decision to join a Golden Cow team was clear. “Team Inferno” approached him, and he immediately agreed to dance with them.
“I didn’t have to think twice about it; it really helps to learn something new and do something you haven’t before,” Ben-Ayed said. “It’s not every day that an opportunity like this arises. It’s something different.”
The purpose of Golden Cow is twofold. The competition helps raise awareness of Rock Against Multiple Sclerosis, a program started in 2004 that aims to fight M.S. Many students and faculty, however, also think of it as a fun opportunity to express themselves among the RBHS community.
“It’s very fun to see how creative and clever the students and faculty are. … [In addition], this is for a good cause,” Bones said. “It’s just a great opportunity for people to have fun in the middle of February. …  They don’t get any money or monetary prizes,” Bones said. “It just comes down to being able to claim you won. It’s just a lot of fun.”
By Isaac Pasley