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Photo of the succulent station at AG Day provided by the Greenhouse classes at the Columbia Area Career Center. AG day was held Oct. 17 during the entire school day.

FFA hosts RBHS Agriculture (Ag) Day 

Maya Bensaoud, Staff Writer October 19, 2023

Organized by the RBHS group the Future Farmers of America (FFA), Agriculture (AG) Day was Oct. 17 from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in front of the main entrance to RBHS. It promised an immersive agricultural experience...

Chickens in cages at Agriculture day Oct. 17.

on AG Day

Sable Smith, Staff Artist October 19, 2023

Caitlyn Gabrielson (10th) “I really like [AG day], it’s fun, I get to see animals I don’t usually get to see, and it’s just a fun experience.” Rew Wallace (11th) “I feel...

Photo by Nora Crutcher-McGowan.

Ag day provides for a unique FFA experience

Brandt Stewart October 26, 2021
Featuring a variety of plants and animals with presenters representing each, this year’s Agriculture day (AG day) hosted by Future Farmers of America (FFA), occurred Oct.19.
Students learn about farm life

Students learn about farm life

Maddie Marrero October 24, 2019
At Ag Day, students saw farm animals, learned about agriculture and heard first-person accounts of its impact across Missouri. 
Students are surprised when the surface of the bee habitat is warm.

Ag Day Q&As: on honey bees

Multiple Authors October 23, 2019
A student at Ag Day describes the importance of honey bees for the environment, and how hives, harvests and the queen system maintains life.
Elissa Baugh cans the experience of Ag Day as she shows off her jars of dehydrated fruit. For her AG day station, Elissa showed off her supervised agriculture experience of dehydrating fruit with prepared jars of dried apples, bananas, and zucchini as well as homemade salsa and jam.
Savannah Meiners discusses the jarringly fun process of sealing the dehydrated fruit. Meiners went into great detail on the process of canning and sealing the dehydrated fruits to preserve them for the farmer’s market at Ag Day this year.

Ag Day Q&As: on dehydration methods

Multiple Authors October 23, 2019
Junior Elissa Baug describes her experience at Ag Day working a station related to dehydration and how the practice work in agriculture.
Two Rock Bridge students marvel at the soft wool while Duncan continues to inform them of the sheeps’ behavior.

Ag Day Q&As: on Hampshire sheep

Multiple Authors October 23, 2019
Agriculture teacher Kevin Duncan speaks on Ag Day preparation and the role sheep play in maintaining agriculture and farm life.
The smaller the better : Senior Summer Huck (left) pets Malachi, the miniature horse, in the main entrance courtyard during second block of Agricultural Day Oct. 23, 2019. Freshman Ella Zacherl (right) brought in Malachi to RBHS for the day from Brenda Benner Stables to introduce students to the world of agriculture. “...he is here just for fun and for people to learn more about agriculture,” Zacherl said.

Ag Day Q&As: on miniature horse

Multiple Authors October 23, 2019
Freahman Ella Zacherl provides a description of her Ag day station and the miniature horse, Malachi, she is working with this year.
green meadow with Wind turbines generating electricity.

Climate change: closer than you think

Anjali Noel Ramesh May 23, 2019
Climate change is a growing issue that isn't taken seriously.
12 year old American Paint horse JD, looks curiously into the camera.
Photo by George Frey/Bearing News

Ag day educates students on Columbia FFA Chapter

Jared Geyer October 20, 2018
Hosted by the RBHS Future Farmers of America, animals ranging from fluffy rabbits to brawny horses all gathered at the annual Agriculture Day (AG Day) on the east side of RBHS.
Last year during Ag Day, alpacas were put in a ring as students observed and fed them. Photo by Kai ford

FFA to host Ag Day tomorrow, Oct. 19

Anna Xu October 18, 2018
RBHS Future Farmers of America hosts Ag day annually and exhibit farm animals to enlighten the student body on how their food is made. Lookout for tarantulas, goats, and cows.
Animals greet students at annual Agricultural Day

Animals greet students at annual Agricultural Day

Multiple Authors September 22, 2017
Annual Agricultural Day brings excitement and uncommon creatures to RBHS as Future Farmers of America host an interactive event with their animals.
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