Ag Day Q&As: on Hampshire sheep


Two Rock Bridge students marvel at the soft wool while Duncan continues to inform them of the sheeps’ behavior.

Multiple Authors

Kevin Duncan, agriculture teacher

What kind of sheep is this?

“These are the Hampshire sheep.”

Is it difficult to prepare for Ag Day?

“We have about five Columbian FFA officials at Rock Bridge High School. They organize it. This is what our students expect every year, and it’s very easy. There are a lot of loose endings at the last minute, but we have done enough work. Some of these situations are expected. What we are most worried about is whether the weather is good.” 

Have you had any interesting or unusual things like Ag Day?

“I mean, it’s very interesting to see students reacting to things they are not used to. We are really lucky, so to speak, we have not had any major disasters.”

Is it difficult to let the sheep come in or cooperate?

“These are all working with them and they are on display at the show all summer, so they are really gentle and very tamed.”

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