Ag Day Q&As: on miniature horse


The smaller the better : Senior Summer Huck (left) pets Malachi, the miniature horse, in the main entrance courtyard during second block of Agricultural Day Oct. 23, 2019. Freshman Ella Zacherl (right) brought in Malachi to RBHS for the day from Brenda Benner Stables to introduce students to the world of agriculture. “…he is here just for fun and for people to learn more about agriculture,” Zacherl said.

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Ella Zacherl, freshman

Could you describe yourself and of the station? 

“This is Malachi, and he is a miniature horse, and he is here just for fun and for people to learn more about agriculture.”

Is it a he or a she?

“He is a boy. His name is Malachi.”

Where did he come from

“He is from the barn that I ride at, he’s not my horse, he’s my trainer’s and we brought him here to hang out.”

Are there any hard parts of handling him?

“Sometimes he gets a little aggravated, but otherwise, no.”

Can I ask you how long you have been in FFA?

“I am a freshman, so I just joined this year.”[penci_authors_box_2 style_block_title=”style-title-11″ columns=”columns-2″ post_desc_length=”20″ number=”2″ order_by=”user_registered” include=”80, 77″ block_id=”penci_authors_box_2-1573426350852″ custom_markup_1=””]