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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

XXX, XXX and XXX working in their XXX class while they are listening music through their earphones.

Habits about American students

Eléa-Marie Gilles April 17, 2017

Hello! Today I’m back to talk again about what I noticed at school and that are different to me, and about some small differences between French and American houses. I would add that I'm sorry for...

Junior Morgan Banker is looking the catalog for choosing her classes for the next year.

How American schools work

Eléa-Marie Gilles January 30, 2017

Hello! I hope you had good holidays and that you’re ready for that new year that’s just starting. I’m back with an article mostly about school in the United States compared to how it is in France. I...

A store displays holiday cheer during the Living Windows celebration from two years ago, on Dec. 4. Photo by Skyler Froese

A lot of details and a little bit of downtown

Eléa-Marie Gilles December 16, 2016

Almost two weeks ago we went downtown for “Living Windows,” the event where people go into windows and stay there for almost all the time of the event. That can be the people who owned the store,...

Discovering Thanksgiving, and the first Christmas decorations

Discovering Thanksgiving, and the first Christmas decorations

Eléa-Marie Gilles November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving is an American celebration that is very different from any French holidays. This event became a national day under Abraham Lincoln's presidency during the Civil War (1861-1865) because...

Cross country athletes gather before a meet. Photo by Eléa-Marie Gilles.

School, students, home in the United States

Eléa-Marie Gilles November 15, 2016

On Oct. 18, I played my first concert as member of the RBHS concert orchestra. I already performed with an orchestra in France but never with a school orchestra with people that I go in class with. In...

Jack-o-lantern, costume party, scary decor?

Jack-o-lantern, costume party, scary decor?

Eléa-Marie Gilles October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! I would like to share what I discovered and what was different for me for this particular event. I think Halloween is a very special day for everybody, but particularly for the...

By Eléa-Marie Gilles

Learning the American way

Eléa-Marie Gilles October 16, 2016

Religion is very important in the United States as compared to in Europe. Even for young or old people, students can show their religion in school. In France we can not in public school. In France, we...

By Eléa-Marie Gilles

One month later

Eléa-Marie Gilles October 5, 2016

Welcome to my blog First Impressions! My name is Eléa. I’m the French exchange student at RBHS for the school year. I’m a junior. Every two weeks I will share pictures about the differences between...

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