First Night brings celebration to downtown

Muhammad Al-Rawi

I’ve always heard people at school talking about First Night when we first return to school after winter break but never really knew what it was. This year some classmates persuaded me to head to town Saturday night to hang out and get some photos while I was a it.
So I did just that, and although I wasn’t able to stick around to the end, I had a blast catching up with friends as well as meeting new ones. I had imagined there being far more people, but I guess I didn’t stick around long enough to get the full crowd.
I bring you these photos because of my good friends Maria Kalaitzandonakes and Kamau Bilal who privileged me with their lens and camera body, as well as Kirsten Buchanan for getting me in ticketed events.  I would have returned empty handed if it wasn’t for their generosity.
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 By Muhammad Al-Rawi