Prom 2012, A night to remember

Muhammad Al-Rawi

What remains with you after a night like this is the details. The eerie blue lighting from above. The confused faces of those who do not know how to dougie. The close quiet of the slow dances. The screaming of the top 40 hits.
And many years from now, when people look back on what some consider “the biggest night of their high school life,” they’ll remember snapshots.
They’ll remember bursts of music. Maybe a few faces. The sparkle and shine of dresses. Sore feet.
Pictures, though, remember better. Lyrics do too.
This is to document the class of 2012’s senior prom.
Words by Muhammad Al-Rawi and Maria Kalaitzandonakes.
[nggallery id=102] Photos by Muhammad Al-Rawi
I’d like to give a huge thank you to Carl Neitzert at Creative Photo for being awesome and lending me his camera equipment for the event. It is through his generous support that this event was captured as well as it was.