Bruins nab win over Kirksville, falls to Kewps


Maddie Magruder

Senior Michael Stannard prepares to wrestle a Kirksville athlete Nov. 29. Photo by Muhammad Al-Rawi
At its opening meet of the season Tuesday, Nov. 29, the Bruin wrestling team (1-1) beat Kirksville 45-33 and lost to Hickman 28-30.
The team said it may have been a little jittery before the meet, but once the action started, these Bruins knew it was time to leave it all on the mat.
“You feel anxiety while you are warming up before you go on the mat, but as soon as you step on [the mat] the adrenaline kicks in,” junior Andrew Yount said. “After you catch your breath, you just want your other teammates to win.”
After competing against the Kirksville team, the team began wrestling against Hickman. The loss was disappointing, but Yount said it does not foreshadow the rest of the season.
As for the future, the team “will have a pretty good season,” since it have “gotten a lot better since last year,” Yount said.
The Bruins look forward to their next meet Friday, Dec. 2 at the Parkway South Tournament.
By Maddie Magruder