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Day 114


Some days seem to contain small eternities. Today is July 9.

I’ve decided my parents and my overactive imagination are in equal parts responsible for the frustrating bout of insomnia I’m currently experiencing. Last night I went to bed about 10:30 p.m. At 11:30 p.m. I still wasn’t asleep and tried to relax myself by reading another chapter of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. I then turned off my light and flopped around for another hour trying to get comfortable. When at long last I’d found a position where I could relax and started to drift off to sleep, my parents decided to start speaking loudly in the hallway outside my bedroom and continue their conversation into their own room. Unfortunately for me, we share a wall, so their not so hushed voices kept me up even longer. I don’t remember when I finally fell asleep after that, but it was far too late for my liking.

I took the time to bake chocolate chip cookies today. The first batch (two trays) was already in the oven. Photo by Bailey Stover.

I usually don’t have this much of an issue with falling asleep, or waking up for that matter. For the last week or so, however, I’ve struggled to get to sleep and then slept through all my morning alarms. I’m going to have a lot of problems in the fall if I can’t get back on a regular sleep schedule. I think my roommate and I are on opposite sleep schedules because she is a morning person and I’m a night owl. I only hope she doesn’t detest me for the number of alarms I’ll be setting in the morning. As long as she gets up before me, it won’t be an issue, but if I have to be the early riser she may want to smother me (or at least my alarms) with a pillow.

Staying consistent with my routine from the last few days, I spent much of the morning and early afternoon bouncing among various television shows. If I can recall correctly, I watched Burn Notice, Sherlock and Supergirl as well as an episode of Will & Grace. For the most part I was killing time before I could log in at 2 p.m. to claim my move-in date and time. My roommate and I had both wanted to move in on the first available day (Aug. 12) but unfortunately that wasn’t an option, so instead we both selected Aug. 15. I’m disappointed I’ll have to wait the extra three days, but hopefully that won’t be too bad. Plus, this way both my parents can help me move in because I won’t be doing so during the week. My roommate is moving in about an hour and a half before me, but we worked it out that way so we wouldn’t be on top of one another in the process.

Taking photos at sunset is becoming a daily tradition of mine. Photo by Bailey Stover.

After selecting our times, my roommate and I texted and then she, I and our two suitemates texted for a while. My roommate and I are in the same Spanish class, which I’m so excited about. My suitemates, I believe, are both undecided, so we won’t all be talking about journalism all the time, which I think will be nice. Once all four of us have moved in, I think we’re planning to go out to dinner together. I could be wrong, but based on my initial impressions of my roommate and suitemates, I think we’re going to get along well. 

In the afternoon, I spent some time baking. For some reason my wrist started hurting, so while my chocolate chip cookies were in the oven, I wrapped it in an ice pack. I’m not sure what I did to irritate my wrist, but hopefully a good night’s rest and some more icing will stop the frustrating ache. For some reason my cookies turned out more gooey than I usually like them, but they weren’t terrible. I’m planning to set some aside specifically for my grandpa tomorrow so I can deliver them when I get the chance. I’m sure the treat will make him smile.

Tomorrow I intend to schedule a few appointments I need to have before the start of the school year. I also need to start deciding what I should take with me to school. On top of that, I need to figure out a time to have my graduation party because if I wait too long to send out invitations no one will be able to make it. I’ll probably have to enlist the help of my family members, so I hope they are in a giving mood.

“Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.” ― Charles F. Glassman

How did you spend your 114th day of social distancing? Let us know in the comments below.

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