Show choir dazzles at premiere


Allie Bell, junior member of City Lights show choir group, strikes her final pose to end the show. Photo by Sarah Mosteller.

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[penci_image_gallery images=”325122,325123,325125,325127,325129,325130,325131,325132,325133,325134,325135″ auto_time=”4000″ speed=”800″ block_title_align=”style-title-left”]Parking along the road, I scramble into the building after traversing the saturated South lot. As I find my seat next to friends, the lights dim, and the girls in bright red dress coats catch my bouncing attention. They turn dramatically, and I can’t help but mouth, “Wow.” Immediately, and in perfect unison, they motion sharply with powerful arms and dance delicately with bobbing steps. The audience is memorized, whooping cheers in between syrupy songs and flawless formations. 

Despite being a senior, it’s my first time attending a show. After magnificent performances from both choirs, however, I regret missing these shows every year. Satin N Lace, the girls’ choir, and Bright City Lights, the boys’ and girls’ choir, blew the crowd away with confident harmonies, striking costume changes and standout solos. Senior Jack Buckley acted as Elvis Presly, known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” and recreated the iconic dance moves of the star. As a four-year member, Buckley said Show Choir has become his home in RBHS. It’s a place where “we all love each other,” Buckley said. [penci_container container_layout=”12_12″][penci_column width=”1/2″ order=”1″]

Katherine Chrisman, senior

”[Show Choir] is about being in a group, and teamwork, and listening to other people and taking care of other people.”

Elliot Watts, senior

“My sister was in it, and then she graduated, and I was like, ‘Don’t want to be a performer, but I can do the [technology]…’ [My favorite part is] the crew, and the Show Choir members who actually stick around to help us load and unload the trailer.”

Ella Mcginty, sophomore

“They are all really accepting and really nice to each other, and it’s nice to be in something with people who all appreciate the same things as you.”[/penci_column][penci_column width=”1/2″ order=”2″]

Grace Holdiman, junior

“We are all really close, and we have a lot of fun during rehearsals… I love anything that has to do with musical theater, and this is like the perfect whole package.”

Caroline Costa, senior

“[My favorite part] is the community, like just getting to be around all these fun, exuberant people. They all have the biggest personalities, which I love.”

Veda Bradley, junior

“I was in an acting class, and I knew about tech, and I loved theater and stuff, and I loved being onstage on the wings, just kind of helping other people and watching it all happen.”[/penci_column][/penci_container][penci_authors_box_2 style_block_title=”style-title-11″ columns=”columns-2″ post_desc_length=”20″ number=”2″ order_by=”user_registered” include=”11,26″ block_id=”penci_authors_box_2-1579286365641″]