Spinning into a new perspective


Winter Guard students work during after school rehearsal. Photo by Roy Ford

Isabella Perkins

The flag soared above me as I spun it for the first time, something eighth grade me never expected to be doing during my first hour band class.

It was audition day for the band to be placed into assigned chair by skill. The audition only took four minutes so I sat and did homework with my friend Kyleigh. I wasn’t feeling too confident about my playing abilities compared to the older players who had more skill. Kyleigh originally wanted to what is considered the indoor color guard season, Winter Guard, now that the marching band season had ended. While we both did homework our friends Kayleigh and Katherine talked about the Fall Guard season. Kyleigh wanted to learn some basics before auditions for Winter Guard so Kayleigh and Katherine took her into the PAC Lobby to teach her some basics.

I tagged as well and for a while I sat on the ledge of the window and watched how everyone was spinning. The flags swung around and created a blur of color as everyone tossed them. Seeing everyone spin and have fun with it made me want to try out. I grabbed a flag from the guard closet and made my way back to the lobby excited for something new to arise in my life. Kayleigh worked with me and Katherine worked with Kyleigh so that we would be prepared for auditions. I walked out of the PAC lobby with sore arms and confidence.

I walked into auditions not knowing what was about to hit me, it was about to be a flag, multiple times. The coach, Sam, greeted all the newbies with kind smiles and words of encouragement. Sam talked with us about what is to be expected for the upcoming season and I felt excited to try something new and unfamiliar. I left the auditions knowing that if I put in hard work that I could be successful.

Now after several rehearsals and lots of bruises, I have gotten to know some amazing team mates and learned to be confident in my everyday actions. Before joining Winter Guard, I had little to no self confidence. The support that was given to me from my teammates and coach have helped me grow into a better performer and a happier person.

I use Winter Guard as a stress relief for overbearing exams. Without the stress, I’ve been able to focus on other things that benefit me life self care and building stronger relationships with my parents and friends.

I learned that to get proficient at something you have to keep working at it even if you dread having to do it. My confidence in guard made my confidence grow through my work and presentations in school. Something eighth grade me never dreamt of having.