Colbie Caillat visits the Blue Note

Sonya Francis

With a voice that relaxes, lyrics that excite and an atmosphere that will make her fans fall in love, Colbie Caillat is sure to bring a solid performance to Columbia. Caillat’s dedicated band will follow through with the outdoor concert whether rain or shine.
Her new album “All of You” is nothing short of her previous records. It shows her followers her true inner spirit of relaxing, acoustic music that is sure to make the listener attuned with the sound of life.
The song, “Make it Rain” will place a mood that makes swaying lighters irresistible. However, a few songs earlier the crowd might have been swaying their hips to one of Caillat’s faster-paced melodies on the album, “Favorite Song” featuring Common.
The pop star catapulted into the industry through self-advertising of her well-known song, ‘”Bubbly” on MySpace, which set the stage for her future career as a laid back artist with a soft voice and easy tone.
As she expresses the perfection of living simply through each song, the show is sure to be full of a light-hearted atmosphere. This creates a relaxing yet invigorating experience —perfect for dates or a girls nights out.
The melodies and style have direct correlation with Caillat’s background after growing up in southern California and Hawaii. Her music clearly eludes to a lifestyle commonly known as a “West Coast” attitude toward life.
Altogether, if a good mood is needed, the Colbie Caillat concert should be a sure hot spot for lovers of life and a style of music that the birds sing to.
By Sonya Francis