Phillip Phillips debuts uniquely styled album

Brittany Cornelison

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I had never been a true fan of the popular singing TV show American Idol because I believe that it has led to many one-hit-wonder singers. They are famous throughout the season of the show, but as soon as the show ends, they are unable to keep their societal fame.
However, throughout the eighth season, I was extremely intrigued by the artist Phillip Phillips. He had a style like I had never seen before. He refused to sing anything out of his jazz-rock alternative sound, which was unusual for American Idol contestants, who want to continually try something new to keep the audience listening. Phillips didn’t need this variation in his performances, because he brought a great deal of emotion to each and every song.
Phillips went up against 16-year-old pop singer Jessica Sanchez, who belted out songs such as Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” and “Fallin” by Alicia Keys. She was obviously a fan favorite, as well as a judge favorite, as the judges used their single “save” to keep her from elimination.
Standing up against a strong singer such as Sanchez must have been intimidating to Phillips, but he stood firm in his musical roots. He also became a fan favorite for his laid-back fashion style. He refused to conform to the typical American Idol trends of fancy suits and ties. Performance after performance, Phillips took the stage in his jeans and flannel shirts. Through his unique all-around style, Phillips was able to win over America and become the 11th winner of American Idol on May 23, 2012.
Since this monumental day in his life, Phillips has been working on his debut album, “The World from the Side of the Moon”, which was released Nov. 19th, 2012. Since its release, the album has received outstanding feedback. The album ranks fifth on the Billboard Top 200’s chart and the pre-released single “Home” ranked 9th on the Top 10 singles. “Home” took the airwaves by storm after its release on iTunes the night of the American Idol season 11 finale.
After listening to the complete album, I was impressed at the integrity of each song. Phillips has developed a way of combining his carefree personality with his intriguing folk sound. The song “Gone, Gone, Gone” struck my attention with its upbeat rhythm and fun lyrics. This playful love song is one of my favorites on the album as well as “Hold on” and “Drive Me.”
Phillips has filled the pop-song world with a sense of identity and character. I would highly recommend this album to listeners who like folk-infused music. Phillips has a style that is just as intriguing as it is calm.
American Idol finally pulled through for me.
By Brittany Cornelison
What about you? Were you happy with the American Idol choice?