Light: Camryn DeVore


Camryn DeVore

Light is the heart and soul of any photo. Without it, a camera cannot capture any moment.
With each photographer the way in which light is utilized changes. Some use light to compose their image, to perfect their style. Brandon Woelfel often does this. He utilizes light, and more frequently neon signs, to create his signature look. He often incorporates fairy lights with the neon signs, with them he is able to create this light almost magical feel by controlling the purple and pink tones that are prominent in his work. Woelfel controls the shadows he is able to create with the neon signs to compose each image. He has mastered his style, and I believe every photographer also has their own way of using light to compose every image in a way that is unique to themselves.
As a photographer, I don’t find myself stepping out of the box to create photos that utilize light. Rather, I tend to find a moment in everyday shoots, such as sports games, school events or prom photos for my friends. In this case, I was shooting the talent show at RBHS known as Capers. Every year they hang a large light sign on the back of the stage with ‘RB’ on it. I switched the camera I was using into manual photos and adjusted the lens so that the sign was just out of focus. This effect of the blurred light circles you see is called bokeh. It is used frequently in more artistic styles; however, it sometime occurs naturally in the background of photos.
I saw this as an opportunity to bring a more creative tone back to my photos. When I first started shooting, I loved taking photos of anything and everything and playing with the focus was one of the first ways I dove into while creating my style. While I don’t have much time to continue these impromptu shoots anymore, I am still grateful of opportunities in the shoots that help me remember where I started.
The composition of the photo is fairly simple. The way that the stage was set up, however, made it difficult for me to get the angle for the photo that I wanted. The band was in the pit, which extended the distance between me and the sign. The contrast in the lighting also made this photo difficult. The spotlight on the artist was a stark white light with blue undertones, while the RB sign in the back utilizes softer, more orange tone light. Framing this photo meant putting both of these lightings into the same image and using the contrast to my advantage.
Although I do not seek special lighting for my photos, I still must take it into consideration of every photo I am taking. Light is something that each photographer must learn to use and incorporate into their style on their own. This photo embodies how I incorporate light into my style by the simplicity and the image and the unplanned nature.