Girls’ basketball falls to Whitfield


Maddie Murphy

After four straight quarters of trailing, the girls’ basketball team fell to the Whitfield School (WS) Warriors (66-52) Feb. 5 in St. Louis, Mo. While a loss can be debilitating to some athletes and often cause them to lose motivation and become complacent, sophomore guard Mary Primus is feeling incredibly focused.
“We are really going to focus on sticking to what we do best,” Primus said. “We want to focus on being tough and coming together as a team when something doesn’t go our way. We are learning how to bounce back together.”
Senior Mary Capron echoes Primus’ comment regarding bouncing back. Capron thinks the key to recovering from a tough loss is forgetfulness.
“One of the biggest takeaways from last night was that we just need to have short term memories,” Capron said. “We can’t let one mistake turn into two.”
Primus believes the game was a learning experience for her team. She also feels the loss will encourage her teammates to do better in their next competition.
“Our team definitely learned a lot from [this game],” Primus said. “I think it will help prepare us for our game on Thursday because you learn a lot from what you’ve messed up on.”
Capron feels change is necessary but it doesn’t have to be drastic. In order to win, she believes all her team needs to do is relax and learn how to have fun again.
“We were low on energy and that’s an easy fix,” Capron said. “When we play with energy we have a lot of fun. I think the team is staying really tight through this and that team chemistry is huge.”
This was the Bruins seventh loss of the season, bringing the team to a record of [13-1]. Girls’ basketball will play its next game Thursday, Feb. 7 at home against the Jefferson City Jays.