The modern gent, a December lookbook


Will Napier

Boots are one of my favorite pieces, as there are so many styles with endless possibilities for outfits. From Chelsea boots to Chukkas, Timberlands to Dr. Martens, boots are one of the most eye catching shoes.

Having snow already in November, I wanted to change up the lookbook and focus on seasonal boots. When it comes to boots, I’ve always looked up to guys that could really pull them off. Compared to sneakers, boots are typically more of an investment piece, much like a leather or denim jacket. Investment pieces are clothes bought for a higher price, but the quality and material outweighs the cost. Pieces made with leather or raw denim usually age well and get personalized over the years. When it comes to boots, they might look great fresh off the shelf, but after a few years they might look even more personalized. Polishing and moisturizing them regularly will keep up their appearance, but some boots look good even beaten up. Boots can be either great streetwear items or dressier pieces. I’ve put together a lookbook for the month of December that incorporates three different pairs of boots.

Date Night

(black duffle coat, red scarf, black leather gloves, black french cuff button up, black skinny jeans, black chelsea boots)

Duffle coats are a mixture of formal and casual style and are very classy. The black color makes it easy to match with anything, from a suit to jeans and a t-shirt.

Black jeans can be dressed up or down, but the slimmer fit allows for the pants to be dressed up slightly.

Black on black is very minimalist, but the scarf adds a touch of color. Tucking the shirt in with a black belt dresses the outfit up a little more.

Chelsea boots are newer boots on the block with options in both suede and leather. Leather Chelsea boots can work in rain and snow and can be dressed up. The black leather matches the black leather belt, keeping it simple.

This outfit is a great date night choice with a simple yet fashionable look


(Grey varsity jacket, white t-shirt, white jeans, white bandana, cool grey Timberland boots)

Varsity jackets come in all kinds of weights and materials, from fleece to leather or even polyester. The two tone grey jacket does not perfectly match the boots, but it still works as they are not too close in tone.

White jeans are typically a staple for spring and summer, but the white look stands out and brightens any outfit, especially after adding a white t-shirt. Paired with a white bandana in the back pocket,the outfit is perfect winter streetwear.

Timberland boots are fashion staples that have a large reputation in New York. The basic wheat color is easy to match, but other colors like all black, rust and grey are also available.

This outfit is perfect for any party or meetup with friends this season.


Winter get-together

(leather flight jacket, black turtleneck, blue flannel, dark wash skinny jeans, duck boots)

Leather jackets come in different styles like biker, perfecto and flight. Much like denim jackets, leather jackets can be lined or unlined and use different types of leather. My leather jacket is made with lambskin and is a darker brown color.

Turtlenecks are classic pieces that are perfect for colder months. The black color is easy to match and goes well with anything from jeans to trousers.

The blue flannel matches the jeans and is layered over the turtleneck for warmth and depth.

Dark wash jeans can be dressed up or down much like black jeans. Skinny fit looks more fitted and appears proportional.

Duck boots are classic seasonal boots that are both stylish and functional. Perfect for snowy days, my boots are made by Sperry and match my leather jacket

This outfit works for any get together during the holidays and you can peel layers off if it gets too warm

“I’d love to find a style for the rest of my life, but this time it’s more classic American, like Steve McQueen or Robert Redford.” – Brandon Flowers