Survival guide to study locations in town


Camryn DeVore

The end of the semester nears, students gradually lose their minds this isn’t an exaggeration. Whether or not your final schedule is as chaotic as the student next to you, we all have to deal with the pressure of those end of semester tests. Here are some places in Columbia that may just help you tackle that final schedule with ease.
Staying at home and working on assignments can become a challenging task more often than you may assume. For many, the temptation of phones, gaming consoles and watching your favorite TV show on Netflix can be all too enticing. The touch of a button and next thing you know you’re two seasons deep in Riverdale and your Calculus final is T minus four hours away. Finding a good place to study away from these distractions and do your homework is one of the first key elements in tackling that two week long final struggle.
My first recommendation would be your nearest Panera or Starbucks. For the most part, Paneras and Starbucks alike provide free Wi-Fi. So, any work you plan to do on your laptop or tablet will be covered. Because of the popularity of both of these cafe styled restaurants you likely aren’t traveling far to get to the nearest one. For many students traveling downtown isn’t feasible and they rather need a place that is within walking distance or a short car ride for a parent. The popularity of both of these locations make them widely acceptable to students in Columbia as there are multiple Panera and Starbucks locations around town. Allowing them both be top picks for study spots in Columbia. Less time traveling means more time studying.
A widely popular location among south side residences is The Grind,1, 4603 John Garry Dr, Columbia, MO 65203, a place similar to many coffee shops across downtown. The Grind is a quiet place where many students go to get work done. The environment in the small coffee shop is productive and makes completing assignments and studying more bearable. One downside to these “hole in the wall” cafe’s is that they often require you to buy a drink or some kind of food in order to the Wi-Fi code. This likely won’t cost you much on your first visit but may add up over time, especially for high schoolers who already don’t have much money to begin with.
Columbia is lucky to have its own library, Daniel Boone Regional Library. The library offers many workspaces to suit students need. Whether you are using books from the library in order to complete a research project or using their study rooms in order to find a quiet private space to work, the library has options for any style of learner. They have large, comfy, recliner like, chairs that allow a more relaxed style to your studying. Or you can go to the third floor and take full advantage of their quiet room which is quite sizable and has floor to ceiling windows on all sides, giving the room a bright sunny vibe.
Finals can take a toll on everyone. The best thing you can do in order to make it through this cycle of semester finals is to find what study strategy works for you. Or in this case, find the location that best allows you to work and study effectively. Being able to study without distractions may just help you get that final grade you needed.