Green and Gold Scrimmage develops team comradery


Members from the girls basketball team play during the Green and Gold Scrimmage Nov. 13. The team will play again Nov. 15 at Ft. Zumwalt West High School. Photo by George Frey.

George Frey

On Tuesday night, Nov. 13, RBHS basketball players came together to play against their teammates in the Green and Gold Scrimmage. The event allowed athletes to examine their skills and strategies on the court. Junior varsity head coach and varsity assistant coach Jordan Showalter, believes the scrimmage allows for the teams to practice, get to know teammates and understand the atmosphere of a game.
“It’s good work for our guys to like, feel a game, experience it with some fans here and play up and down the court; it feels like a game. This is the first time we got to actually scrimmage, so it’s good practice for them [the players],” Showalter said. “It probably does develop some team comradery, and they enjoy it.”
The scrimmage also gave veteran players like sophomore Emily Rubinstein the opportunity to relax and conquer their pre-game nerves.
“I think [the scrimmage] helps us as a team know what we need to work on and get our nerves out,” Rubinstein said. “My favorite part about tonight was getting to see the opportunity our team can have this year and what we can live up to.”
The whole event was helpful to many players, including sophomore Carlos Brown, who said the game allowed him to prepare for the upcoming season. 

[The scrimmage] gives us a chance to get ready for the actual season and play with our actual teammates,” Brown said. “I feel like [the season] could go pretty well. I really just want to win and work together with my teammates, and that’s about it.
The scrimmage is an opportunity for players and coaches to reflect upon their teamwork, and learn what it’s like to come together as a team and represent RBHS.
“This team has a good opportunity to have a lot of success this year,” Showalter said. “If we do a few things right, defense, rebounding and playing together as a team, the sky’s the limit. It will be fun, and hopefully we can live up to expectations. We’ll just have to wait and see.”
The girls’ team will play next in a jamboree at Fort Zumwalt West High School Nov. 15. The boys’ team will play in the People’s Bank Tournament Nov. 26.