Bruins win to Francis Howell in last game before districts


Amanda Kurukulasuriya

The RBHS football team won (35-21) against Francis Howell High School Friday, Oct. 19. The win gives the players confidence as they prepare for districts which will begin Oct. 26.
The boys worked hard to prepare to play Francis Howell and will continue to do so as districts approach.
“We went through a lot of film and really made sure that we understood what we had to do in the game,” senior wide receiver Diego Alvarez said. “I definitely think we are ready to take districts by storm, but there are some things we need to improve on.”
Senior defensive lineman Keaton Lockett, who has played football for RBHS all four years, understands the importance of not just hard work, but discipline. He keeps his pre-game regimen regular to ensure success.
“We had our dinner then we all quiet down and focused up,” Lockett said. “Once we head out we do our warm up and we all get hype in the huddle afterwards. A routine is key to success.”
Friday’s win was the result of dedication and teamwork. Lockton emphasized the importance of whole rather than each player.
“I felt like the the football team just had high intensity,” Lockett said. “It’s not  really about the individual but it’s about the 11 guys on the field.”
The boys were extremely proud of their work. The game included many particularly skillful plays.
“We had two really good plays that stuck out to me,” Lockett said. “We had a pick six that was incredible. And then we had [running back] Nate Pete who was able to break so many tackles and get the [touchdown].”
Not only did they have excellent plays, but they also recovered well from inevitable fumbles. Despite the scoreless first quarter, the team pulled through to victory.
“During a game we all make mistakes but it’s just about pushing through it and moving onto the next play that’s the most important part,” Lockett said. “It’s how you pick yourself up that makes the difference [between] a good football team [and] a great football team.”
This triumph gives the players momentum as they quickly approach districts. The pressure is on, especially for the seniors, but they have no doubt about their ability to succeed. With a [7-2] season, things are looking bright for the Bruins.
“We have proved that we can be a nasty football team,” Lockett said. “I have high hopes for districts and could not be more proud of this team.”
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