Finale to the ‘Twilight’ saga brings surprise aspect of thrill to the big screen

Brittany Cornelison

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With all of the hype leading up to the finale of the Twilight movie saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2, I expected the film to be a cheesy end to an overrated fad. However, as I sat in the theater, I was taken aback by the amount of thrill I received from watching this labeled “chick flick.”
Even someone who hasn’t seen the movies could probably summarize the plot, due to the amount of media coverage over the past four years. The fictional film series, based on the book series by Stephanie Meyer, began in 2008, introducing the climactic romance between shy girl Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart, Snow White and the Huntsman) and the mysterious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson, Water for Elephants), who just so happens to be a vampire.
As the relationship progressed, Bella held the increasing desire to be a vampire like her mate, but Edward was resistant. The two marry and Bella miraculously ends up pregnant, which no one thought was possible. In the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Bella was granted her wish of a transformation into a vampire after a difficult childbirth to a half-vampire, half-human baby girl. This fifth and final film begins with Bella opening her rich red eyes as a blood-thirsty newborn vampire.
Though this new lifestyle was one that Bella desperately desired to have, it came with many new challenges and experiences for the 18 year-old. She was forced to adjust to life with heightened senses (including a detest to the smell of her werewolf best friend, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner, Abduction)) and a thirst for blood – specifically human blood.
Not only this, but the Cullen family overhears of a possible attack coming from the Volturi, a powerful coven of vampires, because of their new baby Renesmee.
I will admit that in my early teen years I, myself, was a little obsessed with the book series. Therefore, I had extremely high expectations for the movies. I was greatly disappointed by the first movies because they didn’t quite have the same tone as the book saga, the acting was cheesy, the emotion was lacking and the action scenes were anything but impressive.
But I was impressed throughout Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The acting and animations (such as Renesmee’s childish features) still had hints of corniness, but overall the movie was a great portrayal of the books I much adored as a 13 year-old.
This film not only aroused me, but fans nationwide as well. During the five-day Thanksgiving holiday vacation, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hit the top of the box office charts, bringing in $64 million according to Currently, the film holds the top spot on the charts and has brought in over $227,000,000 overall since it’s premiere on Nov. 16th.
Though this saga has mainly been marketed to teenage girls because of its focus on romance between the two main characters, I would actually suggest it to anyone who loves a good action film. For picky Twilight readers, I will admit that the action in the movie did stray from the original plot in the book, but from my perspective it did so in a surprising and enticing way. I was impressed with the director’s ability to make the movie unique from the books and market to a wider audience by bringing in more fight scenes. The main twist in action that the film took was quite drastic.
Devoted fans of the book series won’t even see it coming.
By Brittany Cornelison