As school year ends, Film Society closes



It is 4:05 p.m.; school has just gotten out. After the terror of a Monday, the beginning of a full week, most students run to the bus in relief or beg their parents to pick them up. However, sophomore Emily Lee does not. Instead, She happily heads over to her favorite after school activity, Film Society, which meets directly after school every Monday in room 213.
Lee attends Film Society with some of her closest friends, sophomore Leela Cullity and senior Roman Wolfe, where they sit together and watch movies that break boundaries in the cinematic world. She has always been interested in cinema and intrigued by new films ever since she was a little kid.
“We mostly watch short films and movie trailers then discuss them,” Lee said.“I was drawn to Studio Ghibli movies as a kid because of the music in it. Music is a huge part of my life thanks to these films, and the influence they left on me. For years I have played piano, and, honestly, I think these films and their soundtracks have caused that.”
Coincidentally, sophomore Melody Tobin has also been attracted to films since she was a child when she would watch different movies with her siblings at home every Saturday morning.
“I honestly love Film Society. It is one of my favorite parts of my week,” Tobin said. “The movies we watch are so raw and real to me. Also the president, Roman Wolfe, is so understanding and nice.”
Tobin said thanks to Film Society, Wolfe has been a great friend to her since the beginning of the school year.  Wolfe founded Film Society in 2017 to express her love for diverse films. Many clubs similar to Film Society have existed before, but she began the club just his year and has loved every second of it.  
“I started Film Society because I realized that there hadn’t been a club that had represented any interests of mine since I was a freshman,” Wolfe said. “I just really wanted to see if there was anyone who shared those interests.”
Wolfe said starting a club at RBHS is easier than she had thought it would be.
“Just get 50 signatures and write up your club constitution,” Wolfe said “StuCo votes on it, and if they vote for it you have your club.”
As of 2018, senior Wolfe is happy she started this club for people like her to meet every week. The diverse clubs within RBHS allow students of all ages to explore their interests, including movies. Film Society members share an interest for film culture and find that this club is the best place to express this.
“Most short films and movie trailers that we watch are intriguing to us,” Lee said. “We saw many trailers for movies like Come and See, and the newest Wes Anderson movie, Isle of Dogs. Then once it comes out, we usually watch the film.”  
Its rare that Lee and Wolfe choose film favorites, but Wolfe agrees with Lee and said “I think the most interesting films we’ve shown are short films of David Lynch and the works of Robert Downey Sr.” Lynch is one of Lee and Wolfe’s favorite directors.
Since Wolfe graduates Friday, she is unsure about the future of her club, but Lee plans on making it her own in the 2018-19 school year.
“If there is still film society next year, I will be contented,”  Wolfe said.