Honored celebrities do have real lives


Laura Bush image used under fair use:http://firstladies.c-span.org/FirstLady/45/Laura-Bush.aspx

Jordyn Thompson

We all make mistakes; however,whenever a celebrity is accused of a crime or mistake, it has more backlash from the public then any common person. Although crimes versus mistakes are two different meanings they both are judged from others.
One example is Bill Cosby, the star of the hit show The Bill Cosby Show. He was television’s favorite dad; until recently, his entire image on tv and as a celebrity as an  honorable actor and comedian now turned into a sexual assaulter of many women recently had came into the public eye . Cosby’s legacy will forever be changed. Cosby’s allegations of sexual assault is a criminal act which could not only cost  his career but him in being put in prison. A mistake is an error of judgement but a crime is an action done with full knowledge.
His despicable actions starting around the mid 1960s have  changed our perception of how we now look at him and his accomplishments in entertainment.
A celebrity’s image is a huge priority for a famous person’s career. But also what lies inside his personal life could also surprise many fans. They may even sometimes use false beliefs into the media to draw more attention to themselves for publicity.
According  John D. Mayer in Psychology Today, “Unlike the perception of objects such as desks, pencils, and fire hydrants, Swann points out that people who are being perceived react to the perceptions being made of them — agreeing or disagreeing with the judgments, [accepting without protest] even if the evaluations are wrong, or encouraging misperceptions if they are favorable, as in the case of many public figures.”  
Celebrities are seen as rich, famous and having everything, but when horrible things happen like Robin Williams commits suicide, the media and public are shocked because celebrities are stereotyped and expected to have such a perfect life when in reality that’s not always true.
But when bad news comes out that could seriously  ruin their jobs and views by the public eye, some careers are totally damaged and are gone forever.
Take OJ Simpson. Former NFL, broadcaster and actor Orenthal James “O.J” Simpson was tried of two counts for the murder of his ex- wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Goodman. The trial lasted 11 months, he was found not guilty and was one of the “most publicized” crimes in history. His entire loved persona was changed because many critics in the media accused him and how they saw him would always be different after the murder.. Many of the people who looked up to him now have their backs turned.
Perception can change according to what is heard from other’s opinions of someone. Logan Paul, a popular vlogger on YouTube with millions of subscribers,posted a video   of a man who had commited suicide in Aokigahara Forest Japan Dec, 31,2017. Paul made jokes about suicide in the video with his friends. Immediately after the video was posted, he received a large amount of backlash in comments and in the news including from YouTube of his inappropriate behavior. Paul’s actions was different then someone like Bill Cosby. See Cosby’s actions are a crime. Paul’s behavior was just a thoughtless act.
However some of these most valued people have made mistakes that have barely made a chip in their career. When Laura Bush was  in high school she was involved in a car accident killing one of her classmates. She was never held accountable nor was their a case or file made of her in this incident. She then moved on and her career still succeeded.
Celebrities and well-known famous people should always be held accountable for any mistakes they have made. It’s just a shame when people that are so respected can become so different in a matter of one gesture. When people hear about these types of situations judgement is fully allowed of anyone.
“When we hear an accusation of someone else without really knowing them, we are quicker to judge them,” Counselor Beatrice Stewart said.
What do you think? Should we hold celebrities to a higher standard?