Su Rah – Burma


Maria Kalaitzandonakes

Photo by Maria Kalaitzandonakes
Listen to Su Rah (10th Grade) tell his story.
*Some grammatical/spelling edits have been made to allow better understanding.
I was born in a Burma refugee camp. My birthday is on June 3, 1996. My family moved to a Thailand refugee camp in 2000. I have one brother and three sisters. My family lived in the refugee country for 13 years. I went to school with my sister, Preh Moe, in 2005. I went to school by myself on July 1, 2002. Our house in Karenni burned down in 2008. I went to school before the fire, and I remember my best friends. They looked big and they were nice. They liked to play soccer with me and my brother every day. They taught me how to play soccer.
People who didn’t have a home slept on the street. Student didn’t have school Friday for one week. No school on Friday and the students were happy. My father worked with the Karenna soldiers in Burma. My mother worked in the house. My parents had no work when we lived in the refugee country. They didn’t have work for my parents to do. My family came to America in 2011. Only my mom works in America. My dad stays home every day and he goes to English classes at Douglass.

Reporting by Maria Kalaitzandonakes