How to power through the last semester of senior year


Kat Sarafianos

Seniors have 22 days of left. The phrase “so close, yet so far away,” has never been a more apt description of how it feels to finish high school at this point.
It’s been four years of the same routine. Four years of scrambling to finish assignments, stressing out over tests and struggling to keep up your GPA. Four years feels long enough, why try to sustain this exhausting concoction of duties for just one more month?
This struggle of staying motivated is a problem for every senior. It takes everything in me to not say to myself, “Let’s skip school today,” or “What’s the point? Just don’t turn it in.” At this point, this late in the year, the idea of keeping  up with the monogamy that plagued me and everyone else throughout high school feels insane, but I know better. I know that if I finish high school not caring, letting my GPA drop and not giving it my all, I’ll regret it. Here are some tips on how to get through just one more month.

  1. Find a passion

At this point in the year, it feels like everything you have to do has already been done, but sparking a passion for your work may make it easier to push through the next month. Find something to be passionate about and make that your driving factor. It doesn’t have to be school related either. Maybe you’re passionate about saving money, and you want to clock as many hours as you can. Make it a goal to finish your work before every shift so that you can focus on your job, without having to worry about school work you have to finish later. Finding a new purpose or maybe rediscovering an old one can help you make your remaining time at RBHS not feel so dull.
2. Make a high school bucket list
High school and college are two different beasts. The things you can get away with are on vastly different levels. As much fun as college may seem, there is a lot of responsibility and strain that come along with it. With only a month left, make a list of all the things you want to accomplish before college. Maybe that means learning how to get organized, starting  a bullet journal or even perfecting a foreign language before you have to take the college level version. With a month left, there is still time to get something done.
3. Savor the moment
Remember, this is the last month of high school. As tiresome as it feels now, you will never get these chances again. When you’re crammed with college exams and internships next year, you might miss the ability to walk down the main halls during passing time and look around absent mindedly at various posters. As silly as it seems, it’s important to take it all in. It might seem trivial and even painfully boring now, but in just a month, you’ll never get to be in highschool again. That might seem like a blessing, but these four years have been a major shaping period of our lives. Take a moment to appreciate that.