The benefits of spam accounts


Kat Sarafianos

It usually starts with an embarrassing username.The bio option is filled with either nonsensical emojis or a personal joke that gives no hint of the person’s real identity. These describe the telltale signs of a spam account.
For those who don’t have one or don’t follow some, spam accounts are Instagram accounts that people make in addition to their main account. These accounts can be used for a number of reasons, but most of the time they are meant as an outlet for people to vent frustrations or post things they normally wouldn’t on their main account. Spam accounts are usually private and only followed by a few select friends of the owner.
Spam accounts are great because they offer you a chance to release inner frustrations and express what you feel. Normal Instagram accounts are usually a professional facade of sorts. You post cute pictures of you and your friends and caption them with sweet sentiments or thoughtful quotes. They offer people a shallow look into your life.
This may seem silly to some. ‘Why have two accounts? Why not just be honest on your main Instagram?’
The reality is that social media is just as complicated and layered in terms of social etiquette as in person interactions are. Not letting someone you know follow you on Instagram can feel like a personal insult to that person and create a sense of animosity and a grudge. It makes it seem like you don’t like that particular person. As a result, you have a lot of friendly acquaintances following you, but while you may know them, you’re not as comfortable with saying things and posting certain pictures that they can see as you would be with your best friends.
Spam accounts, on the other hand, are purely just for friends. Since the username and bio is usually a funny joke, no one but those with first hand knowledge know whose account it is. If something is bothering me or making me upset, I know I can post a funny picture and then write a long caption detailing what’s wrong. Then my friends are able to comment and give me advice or sympathize.
Anything that increases honest communication and telling people how you feel in an appropriate manner is a benefit to your life. The added secrecy is just an added bonus.