Lady Bruins dominate Quincy, continue success


Cassidy Viox

After losing the first game of the season against Hickman High School in overtime, the RBHS girls’ soccer team bounced back and won the past five games. Now 5-1 on the season, the team continued their 2017 campaign, defeating Quincy High School in a 4-0 blowout.
The Bruins started off lackadaisical, but were able to clean up their performance and came back quickly to attain the victory.
“Although in the beginning  of the game we had low energy — we weren’t going after balls and we made sloppy passes — we were able to turn around the momentum of the game and ended up dominating the other team,” senior defender Sydni Heavin said.
After ten minutes into the first half, junior forward Payton McCallister scored her first goal, creating an early lead for RBHS.
“It was awesome and we played really well as a team,” McCallister said. “We really started to show what we could do and dominated most of the game.”
With 12 minutes remaining in the first half, sophomore Beni Adelstein also sent the ball into the net, extending the lead to 2-0 for halftime. For the second half, the Bruins continued their pressure and determination, allowing no goals from the opposition.
McCallister found the back of the net two more times in the game, making three of the four goals scored during the game.
“It was really exciting to get up big on a team,” McCallister said. “It boosts the energy as well as brings down the other team so it is easier to keep a lead up.”
Not only was offense tight and successful during the game, but defense made impressive saves and kept Quincy from scoring.
“We made some good combinations from the back that progressed to the middle and eventually led to easy goals,” junior defender Katey Klucking said. “When offense scores, it kind of lets the other team down mentally and allows defense to make the passes we want.”
The Lady Bruins play Blue Springs South and Lindbergh April seventh and eighth, respectively. After the strong start of the season, the Bruins’ hopes are high for what’s yet to come.
“This game was really big when we’re on a roll right now,” McCallister said. “We just got to keep playing like we know how.”