Bruins basketball earns another tight win over rival Kewpies


Cam Fuller

Only the RBHS and HHS could make a one-sided showdown one of the best contests of the week. That’s exactly what happened on Valentine’s Day as the Bruins beat the Kewpies 64-58. RBHS improves to 16-4 on the season and continues on their six-game winning streak.
As always, both school’s fanbases came out in full force, creating the raw emotions that make any rivalry a great one, but for most of the game only the RBHS fans could be heard. Sophomores Dajuan Harris and Jamonta Black led the team with 15 and 19 points, respectively, at the half, most of which came on tightly run fast breaks that brought the Bruin crowd to life in a big way. Head coach Jim Scanlon felt that the fans helped the team especially late in the game, helping his team to keep the Kewpies from rallying and putting the game out of reach.
“We have a really great student section and they have always done a great job at these games,” Scanlon said. “We let the lead get to us late but the fans helped push the guys to stay on top of it.”
Though the young talents’ contributions definitely show up highest on the score sheet, the squad of starting seniors Justin Hajicek and Eysan Wiley shined throughout. Both knew that the game can be tough for a newcomer to adjust to, but as Hajicek sees it, the tough atmosphere also led to above average play.
“These games are always exciting because both teams play their hearts out,” Hajicek said. “They’re tough, but they yield some of our best performances because you know what you’re playing for.”
The Bruins continue to be undefeated in district play going into senior night against Rockhurst on Feb. 17, but continued success has still yet to convince Scanlon that there is any chance to rest.
“We’ve got a big game on senior night and I don’t doubt that we’ll come out with the same mentality as tonight,” Scanlon said. “We will not stopping anytime soon so I’m excited to see where the rest of the season takes us.” 
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