Show Choir holds annual charity benefit


Elad Gov-Ari

The RBHS PAC will be home to a theatrical overload of lights, singing, dancing and costumes this Thursday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. Both school show choirs, Satin ‘n Lace and City Lights, will hold their annual charity benefit with an admission of $5.
As for the charity the performers will represent, the Vincent Gurucharri Foundation, director Mike Pierson claims to have chosen one that was close to his heart.
“I was inspired this fall by the Stand Up to Cancer campaign, especially after the passing of a friend due to cancer and the diagnosis of another friend,” Pierson said. “We sought out local organizations that tied to helping our community fight and/or deal with the effects of the disease.”
While others begrudgingly participate in extracurriculars, senior Lily Fischer sees show choir as a lifestyle. As for Thursday night, being able to perform for others is only but a small benefit to helping those in need.
“Our choir is doing really well this year,” Fischer said. “As a group we’d really like to perform for more people and have them see our hard work in action. And now, people have a good reason to as the charity chosen this year holds kind of a special place in all of our hearts.”
Pierson has watched his students grow over the school year and hopes to apply their adverse talents to helping the community.
“The last month has been fairly grueling with added rehearsals, the Premiere concerts, our iced-out festival and successful trip to Pleasant Hill,” Pierson said. “Everyone has worked very hard to get where we are and continue to strive to be better every time  perform.”
Freshman Mary Kate Grossman, exhausted from performances, is eager to perform the tweaked show for Thursday night’s audience.
“Even if [people] have seen the Premiere, everyone should still come because it’s so different and you can feel all of our energy because we all love it so much,” Grossman said. “Plus, it always feels good to help people in need.”
Over Pierson’s year directing Show Choir, his program has raised money and helped the local community. Hoping to reach a certain milestone, he encourages everyone to come and observe the performance.
“[For us] this concert is not just another excuse to perform,” Pierson said. “This year we look to surpass the $45,000 that we have raised for the Columbia community through donations from the last 13 years.  The Vincent Gurucharri Foundation is a valuable resource to our community. Please come and help us support their cause while in a couple of really entertaining performances by some of the most talented students at Rock Bridge!”