Donald Trump will push America in the right direction


Ji-Ho Lee

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]onald Trump is not someone you tell your kids to look up to. His speech is often degrading, his past actions are disgusting and his policies appear outrageous.
He is also the next president of the United States of America, and he will do a terrific job.
Slavery, segregation and global poverty were, at certain parts of history, the sociopolitical norms for this country. America has gotten better. Trump will follow suit. For Trump, vulgar language and inappropriate actions may have been part of his history, perhaps even his norms. But Trump will fix himself. Why? Because he is, simply put, a brilliant individual.
[heading]Few gave Trump the credit he deserved while running his campaign[/heading] Every rally, every speech and every word of his was calculated. Balancing the severity and amount of his rhetoric with the energy and hyperactivity of his rallies, Trump was able to strike the right note at the right time for a group of American voters. He accomplished two particularly impressive feats — winning the Republican primary and the general election.
Furthermore, with Trump’s intelligence will come discretion. He understood Republican voters and knew that voters, as a whole, were exhausted by the dominant political parties. He knew what the people wanted to hear, and he delivered that message, as controversial as it was, with immaculate execution.
Now, Trump recognizes what the country as a whole requires: unification and reconciliation. It will take time and trust, but as a politician and as a speaker, Trump will capture and push forward the American people.
Furthermore, smart people surround themselves with smart people. As frightening as Trump’s policies may have appeared, he will fill his cabinet, already featuring the likes of Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo and Mike Flynn, with remarkably intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. Some citizens worry that Trump’s cabinet members, as well as the president-elect himself, hold prejudices against minorities that will inspire laws and policies that are ignorant and bigoted. This, simply put, will not happen, because both Trump and his advisors will act with the same motivation and share the same goal as millions of Americans: improving the United States of America.
Trump’s policies will likely be unpopular amongst the American population, as the polarization of his campaign is sure to create ripples. His economic plans, foreign policies and domestic decisions will be easy to criticize. But it is not the job, duty or responsibility of citizens to agree with Trump. It should, however, be the goal of every citizen to improve the country. Rather than being combative and destructive, provide him an opportunity, give him a chance to mobilize an agenda that could push the U.S. in the right direction.
[quote]Trump recognizes what the country as a whole requires: unification and reconciliation. It will take time and trust, but as a politician and as a speaker, Trump will capture and push forward the American people.[/quote] Donald Trump is a polarizing character who, in part, created a detrimental rift in this country. His campaign sparked massive gashes that will be difficult to mend. Some of his behavior and speech should never be justified, nor should the behavior of some of his supporters. He sparked, and seemingly justified, injustices against minorities, and his disturbing objectification and mistreatment of women in the past created outrage. As aggressive as his speeches were during his campaign, Trump will unify the country, as he did in his acceptance speech following the election, with improved rhetoric and make decisions and policies alongside a prestigious group of advisors for the betterment of the people. He is not a character that can be easily supported, nor are some of his actions defensible. But Donald Trump truly has an opportunity to Make America Great Again. Do your part as a citizen to make this become a reality.
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