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Bedrooms show students true colors


Paige Henley, freshman

“My room is NASCAR, which is one of my favorite sports to watch, and I’m a huge sports person. It tends to reflect me as an athlete. Carl Edwards is the main person in my room and I grew up watching him race which is what helped me become more of an athlete.”file_001-1file_002-1
“[I have a shelf] with a collection of autographed items from NASCAR drivers. I also got a painting and a very important helmet from a past family member who used to race which is also why NASCAR is such a huge deal to me, and why it’s expressed so much in my room.”

Maya Bell, sophomore

“Over the years I’ve been collecting random things and putting them in my room when I feel like it looks good. It’s a little bit of a mix of everything, it’s artsy and a place where I can put all of my stuff. I like art and I guess my room shows that.”
“I have autographs from the Julliard String Quartet and Gaelic Storm, my other favorite band. They’re important to me and I want them somewhere where I can see them and think back on the good memories from those days.”

Divya Divya, senior

img_8326-1“My room reflects me mostly in the way that it is super girly. Everything is picked out by me so it makes it very personal to me. I have a picture of me above my bed and some may call that conceited but [it isn’t] to me. I just like taking pictures and looking pretty so why not put it above my bed. I’m not shy or insecure by any means, so I think that’s reflected by the picture above my bed.”
“[I have] a little blue god on my nightstand. I’m not religious but I am Hindu, and I believe all the gods and stuff in Hinduism. [The god] on my nightstand is a little statue of young Krishna, who became known as the god of love. [He has] a little flute with him whose sounds bring all the girls to come dance with him. I just keep that with me because it’s kind of a good luck charm and provides me with a sense of protection since god is right next to me. It also makes me happy because who knew my god could be such a baller and get all the girls.”

Khalid Ibdah, sophomore

“My room is ugly to be honest. It also has stripes. It’s a crazy mess so I guess it represents me in that way. I’m a triplet, so I try to be unique so I’m not put into like, a package deal. My room is a little more…clean and less personalized maybe. It might be because it would be a mess had I put everything I want in there, or because I’m just too lazy. Nonetheless, it’s homey, and I feel comfortable when I’m there.””I got the poster on a vacation with my dad [in Boston]. It still refreshed me and motivates me to work hard. The cork board itself has what inspires me on it and it feels like my life is somewhat organized when I look at it.”

Mariah Blackburn, sophomore

“My room mainly represents my love for art, but also incorporates many photos from old memories of family or friends. [It also shows] lots of my accomplishments such as medals and my running bibs from my cross country races. I also think the colors and things I have hanging in my room reflect my personality and what I find to be most important in my life.”
file_000-4img_4355“I keep my running bibs to keep track of my progress as a runner. I write my times on the back and record my placement in the race. Each bib also reminds me of the particular meet and what happened on that day. It’s also cool to have them to see all I’ve done running related.”

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