What is your favorite Halloween memory?


Ji-Sung Lee

Sara Kacem, sophomore

“One time I  was trick or treating with my brother and he ran away because he thought he saw a ghost and I was just stuck alone in my princess costume screaming and yelling as I tried to find him.  It was scary.”

Maddie Phillips, senior

“My favorite Halloween memory was when my friend Camille went as a cowgirl and I went as a vampire.  But I had to be lighter so I painted my face white and it was a hot mess.”

James Weaver, junior

“I dressed as Batman, and I guess that was pretty neat. I have always loved Batman and thought Halloween was a perfect night to bring out the suit.”

Jadie Arnett, junior

“Last Halloween was spent at a cross country meet.  I remember it being super cold, rainy and muddy.  It was our sectional meet, and as I was getting up to the starting line. I remember my coach saying our top girl finisher could potentially run at state, so knowing that I might run at the state meet was cool. My Halloween was a little different then most others.”

Lily Abraham, sophomore

“Since I had a soccer tournament one year, I went to Dave and Busters after the game and ate lots of candy.  Then I got enough tickets to get a Minnie Mouse headband, and that was pretty much my costume.”

Zoey Princivalli, sophomore

“I dressed my dog up as a bumblebee and it was so adorable.  I took tons of pictures but she hated it and I could tell she was scared.”