Orchestra to hold fundraiser at Panera


The orchestra listens to director Alison Schmidt as she explains more about the fundraiser. Photo by Tyson Jamieson

Katie Whaley

On Oct. 20, Chamber and Concert Orchestras will be fundraising at Panera. To take part, students can take the attached flyer to the South Providence Panera location and hand it to the cashier when buying food or drinks. After completing their purchase, a portion of the student’s money goes to funding the RBHS orchestra.
“The money will be used for various orchestra necessities that may not be able to be covered with the remaining orchestra budget, including strings and music,” Orchestra director Alison Schmidt said. “Depending on how much is raised, there is a chance to purchase a new violin for the school.”
This isn’t the first fundraiser the orchestras have held. Just three weeks ago, they held an event similar to the upcoming one at Shakespeare’s Pizza and managed to raise over $300.
Sophomore Zain Ibdah attended the Shakespeare’s event and had a blast. As an ardent violinist in the chamber orchestra, funding the program holds a lot of value to him.
“[Raising money] means a lot to me, because the orchestra is underfunded and it’s something I’m really passionate about,” Ibdah said. “I love to play the violin, and to see it without a devoted room, without the necessary funds it needs to provide students with the most it can, it really irritates me. So any opportunity to raise funds for the orchestra is very important to me.”
The event starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m. and everyone with a flyer is able to participate.
“Panera was a choice based on student interest. Several students recommended it because of its location and, of course, their delicious food. When I try to set up fundraising nights, it’s important to look for restaurants that offer these opportunities,” Schmidt said. “We have had a lot of luck with Shakespeare’s and are planning on a Chipotle fundraising night next semester. Panera also just seems like a great restaurant for a fall fundraiser. Soup is a perfect fall meal.”