Learn how to make Halloween decorations


Ethan Howard

Welcome to Crafted!, a seasonal DIY blog. Throughout the school year, these posts will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make themed crafts that you can use for anything from home decor to functional use.
Spooky Jars
What you’ll need:
Glass jars, decorative dried grass and moss, small Halloween decorationsbnspookyjarswhatyoullneed
Step 1: Put a layer of grass and moss on the bottom of the jar.bnspookyjarsstep1
Step 2: Put decoration inside, and then cover with moss and grass.bnspookyjarsstep2part2bnspookyjarsstep2
Step 3: Repeat until jar is full.bnspookyjarsstep3part2bnspookyjarsstep3
Step 4: Place jars around the house to add some Halloween flare.bnspookyjarsstep4andcover
Fireflies in a Jar
What you’ll need:
Glass bottles or jars, glow in the dark paint, waterbnfireflyjarwhatyoullneed
Step 1: Decorate bottles/jars with paintbnfireflyjarstep1
Step 2: Put water in bottles.bnfireflyjarstep2
Step 3: Leave outside for two or three hours to soak in sunlight.
Step 4: Put them somewhere dark.
Burlap Ghosts
What you’ll need:
Roll of burlap, white spray paint, styrofoam balls, craft glue, and rubber bandsbnburlapghostswhatyoullneed
Step 1: Cut burlap into 12×12 inch pieces.bnburlapghostsstep1
Step 2: Spray paint burlap until white.bnburlapghostsstep2
Step 3: Put glue on styrofoam ball.bnburlapghostsstep3
Step 4: Wrap burlap around ball and hold until dry.bnburlapghostsstep4
Step 5: Place rubber band around the “neck” of the ghost.bnburlapghostsstep5
Step 6: Let dry. Hang from a chandelier or light fixture.bnburlapghostsstep6