Are clowns threatening to students?


Cassidy Viox

Lydia Thompson, senior

“I don’t like the clown sightings at all. It scares me so much. I work downtown and after work, I have to walk to the parking garage alone in the dark. I always feel like I’m going to see a clown around the corner when walking and it’s scaring me every time that I close at work.”

Nathan Stephens, freshman

“Clowns aren’t a threat because the sightings may all be just rumors. If somebody could confirm the sightings, then I might think that they’re a threat. It’s all just a Halloween prank taken too far. As it gets closer to Halloween, there’s just going to be more clown costumes, and it’ll all end after Halloween.”

Gabe Monte, sophomore

“I can’t stand clowns because of the whole poofy hair thing and the outfits and face make-up; it’s all too scary. I was on the Katy Trail last night, and I was scared because I see videos on Twitter of clown sightings on running trails, so I was scared just walking around last night.”

Mila Makarova, junior

“I hate clowns because they’re terrifying and I don’t want to be murdered by them. I think that they could attack people. Some of my friends still live in the town I’m from which is a rural area outside of Kingdom City. The population is only about 900 people, and there’s already been three clown sightings there.”

Marlon Guzman, junior

“I am afraid because it’s October and Halloween is right around the corner. I’ll be going out with friends and to Fearfest and to haunted houses. I heard on the news that there was a clown sighting near Fairview [Elementary] and that’s pretty close to my house, which scares me.”

Seth Roop, freshman

“Clowns aren’t scary. I’ve heard about the recent sightings, but it’s not a threat to me because I’ve never been affected personally and I don’t think that I ever will be affected. If I ever saw a clown then I would just ignore it and move on because I haven’t met anybody that’s actually seen a clown.”seth