Abby’s top 10 picks from Global Village

Abbys top 10 picks from Global Village

Abby Kempf

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]10. Peach Cobbler (African American) – The soul food advertised by the African American booth really hit the spot, with the sweet peach cobbler being the best. The bread wasn’t soggy at all, as many cobblers have a tendency to become soggy as the liquid seeps in, and had a light taste that didn’t overpower.
9. Swedish Blueberry Bread (Scandinavia) – Many different Scandinavian countries joined together to create a booth that really stood out, with a whole table full of dishes and live, authentic music to draw in passerbys.
8. Cornbread (African American) – The cornbread was a nice palette cleanser, compared to all the flavorful and occasionally potent dishes other booths offered. The bread was moist and fluffy.
7. Queque (Chile) – The queque, similar to the texture of coffee cake with a citrusy undertone, was a delicious cake. It was fluffy and very moist. I would definitely cook this as simple dessert.
6. Barros Jarpa (Chile) – While this dish dawns a daunting name, it is, in fact, just a ham and cheese sandwich. As a vegetarian, I just had a grilled cheese, but it was still delicious. What made it even better was that the group grilled up the sandwiches on the spot; so they were actually hot.
5. Chocolate Mousse (France) – Any sweet tooth would love a dip of France’s chocolate mousse. The light texture coupled with the sweet taste of chocolate makes this dessert hard to put down.
4. Palestinian Tea (Palestine) – I am normally not a hot tea fan, but this tea was simply irresistible. With most booths only having food, and no drinks, it was refreshing to gulp down a cup of this warm, savory tea.
3. Chaat (India) – This mix of chickpeas, spices and a sweet broth had so many different flavors and the perfect texture. The hot spice was complemented by the cool broth, creating a dish that would please spice-cravers and those who shy away from hot food.
2. Roasa de Jamaica (Guatemala) – Not going to lie, I went back for thirds. The sweet, cool tea was full of flavors ranging from hibiscus to smoky. The beautiful color only made this tea more attractive.
1. Quesadilla Cake (Guatemala) – 
Guatemala had it going on this year. The quesadilla cake had a misleading name, as the cake was truly a cake and not a quesadilla. But the cake paired perfectly with the tea and was an amazing balance of savory and sweet. As soon as I tasted it, I knew it would top my taste test list.