Show Choir to support Pascale’s Pals at Charity Benefit


Abby Kempf

With the Premiere Concert under their belts, Show Choir is ready to bring their song and dance to the public again, but this time in benefit of Pascale’s Pals. This year’s Charity Benefit concert will be held in the Performing Arts Center on Feb. 9 at 7p.m.. Tickets will be sold for $5, but donations will also be accepted.
Each year, Show Choir picks a different charity to benefit, giving the students a chance to perform and supporting local non-profit organizations. Pascale’s Pals works with sick children at the University of Missouri Women’s and Children’s Hospital and their families to make their hospital stay a brighter one.
The process of choosing a charity is not a short one, Show Choir director Mike Pierson said.
“Our Booster Parent Coordinator researches local charities – mainly youth-related – and puts together a list of eight to 10,” Pierson said. “I help narrow that list down to about four taking into consideration charities we have benefited previously or charities that may not be a good fit.  That list of about four goes to the students in the show choirs to vote on.”
Senior Show Choir member Gabby Jones said that she voted for Pascale’s Pals because the group’s mission resonated with her.
“Everyone sat in a room with a list of charities and the most picked one was Pascale’s Pals. I chose it because I felt the most towards it,” Jones said. “I felt a connection and I put myself in that situation and I thought, ‘I want to help these people.’”
The event will contain many different aspects of fundraising, in addition to the door price. Pierson said that the event is no small feat, and that the coordination involved helps ensure the event’s success.
“Our Parent Coordinator contacts the people at the charity and makes sure they have representatives to attend the concert and speak to the audience in-between the two show choir performances about their organization,” Pierson said. “We also take care of publicity, ticket sales, etc.. All ticket money and additional donations taken during a ‘pass the hat’ session in between the choir performances is counted and then one check is written to the charity and presented at the end of the concert.”
[quote cite=”Gabby Jones, senior”]I felt a connection and I put myself in that situation and I thought, ‘I want to help these people.'[/quote] Over the past 11 years, Show Choir has consistently held Charity Benefits. Overall, they have raised $40,000 that goes directly back into the community, Pierson said.
Sophomore Show Choir member Evan Borst believes that the benefit serves not only others, but the group themselves, as the teens learn the importance of giving back.
“It is important [to do the Charity Benefit Concert] because we can raise a lot of money,” Borst said, “and it all goes to charity.”
Jones also enjoys the event, citing the euphoria she and her fellow Show Choir members get from giving tangible meaning to their efforts.
“I think it’s important because it gives RBHS a chance to help others but it also lets Show Choir perform for a bunch of people that help the charity of our choosing,” Jones said. “Just knowing that after that performance we have helped people is something wonderful.”
The Charity Benefit Concert truly is a cornerstone of RBHS Show Choir. Everything comes full circle when, after being supported by the community, Show Choir is able to return the favor.

“A portion of our expenses each year is covered by Columbia Public Schools. However, a bigger portion of the budget is acquired through local fundraising,” Pierson said. “We like to think that this concert is a way for us to give back to our community after asking it to support our efforts.”