Netflix killed the video star


Teenagers binge watching shows on Netflix is a problem unique to generation X.

Kat Sarafianos

Online television streaming media such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have revolutionized the US TV landscape.
One advantage these technologies have over normal television streaming is scale. The adoption of tablets and advanced smartphones on a larger scale is moving their business past the computer screen.
The Netflix app alone has more than 100 million downloads with a 4.4 star review  with over 2.4 million reviews.
More than just the apps, gaming systems like Xbox live make it possible to have the Netflix app on your console. Along with renting out traditional dvds and streaming films and tv shows, these media allow viewers  to watch anytime anywhere, not just on couch in the living room.
However, this accessibility has brought problems to the American teen. Instead of just watching tv when mom gives permission, teens can binge watch “Parks and Rec” at 1 am on a school night with the lights off, under the covers.
“I watch Netflix every night, for about one hour on a school day and like four hours on the weekends. I feel guilty, but great at the same time because it’s fun,” junior Divya Divya said. “I keep [watching] even when I am tired and then I’ll stop when it gets to a boring point. I just hate waiting to find out what happens next.”
Another innovation made by Netflix was offering not only one episode per week but the entire season at a time.
“I think Netflix has played into the modern idea of efficiency. In today’s world, we don’t have to be very patient because we have access to most of our things at once,” junior Megan Polniak said. “Netflix has revolutionized American television. Netflix allows anyone to have an interest in cinematography without having to adjust their schedule.”
Along with an accessibility factor, online streaming media, especially Netflix, have taken another turn to woo more subscribers and tempt back those who might have strayed. They began ordering its own shows, going straight for high-production value like cable channels HBO and Showtime that have entire seasons put out at a time.
The shows Netflix have created are pop culture icons already. The first original show released was the Golden Globe winning political thriller, House of Cards.
Their second original tv show, “Orange is the New Black,” nabbed 12 emmy nominations during their first season and a recent survey from the investment bank RBC Capital Markets reported fifty seven percent of Netflix viewers claimed the show is most popular original series on Netflix right now.
“I love ‘Orange is the New Black.’ It’s one of my top favorite shows,” junior Sarah Bai said. “I like that it’s so unique, set in a prison. There aren’t many shows like that and the ones that are and usually really serious, but this show is very funny.”
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