Ode to Bed


Skyler Froese

Art by Erin Barchet
[dropcap size=”4″]H[/dropcap]ello my darling,
How long has it been, Dear? I have to admit we have grown apart. Do you recall not so long ago, my sweet bed, that we spent more six hours at a time together? Those were the days. I remember those tender afternoons splayed out with netflix and a bag of potato chips, with you by my side. Okay maybe not my side, but like, my back. You are a bed, after all. I miss all the shut-eye you gave me. I want it back more than anything.
What’s going on between me and the desk is nothing but a business relationship. I can see your contemptful eyes staring us down, but your assumptions are wrong. I admit that I am spending a lot of time with the desk, and I know how it looks spending time with them into three in the morning and coming back exhausted. I can’t blame you for being suspicious. But I am not cheating on you. My dear bed, I love you to the moon and back.
Though right now the rift between us seems insurmountable, I believe we can conquer it. Finals week won’t last forever. When I cross this ocean of projects and tests, we will be together. For now, I miss you. I miss you more than anything, Babe. Do you know what I would do for a nap, or even just to stare at the ceiling and not work? I would forsake all eight of my finals for you. I would fling my notebooks and laptop to the wind.
I’m trying to make this work, but I can see the sadness in your sheets as they slump. Can you blame me for this though? All you do is sit there. Can you really expect me to value sleep, the force that keeps me alive, over my GPA? Oh, bed, don’t be ridiculous. It’s not like we have a perfect relationship outside of finals week either. There is always something coming between us, swim practice, homework, social media, newspaper late nights… Sometimes I feel like you don’t try to make this work.
Then again, I shouldn’t be blaming you. You are an inanimate object, after all. The problem is me. I need to re-prioritize. I need to spend more time with you, I need to catch up on sleep. That will be soon enough. we just need to get through this rough patch, babe. If we can get past finals week we will be okay. You and me, together for more than five hours a night. I love you so much, and hope to nap in your sweet embrace soon.
With love,
Skyler K. Froese
My bed never wrote me back, maybe you will. What keeps you from sleeping? Leave your comments below.