Jays down Bruins in high-powered matchup


Ji-Ho Lee

The early setback was frustrating, and eventually fatal, as an aggressive Jefferson City offense defeated the Bruins by a tally of 2-0 in a competitive match on 179 soccer park in Jefferson City today, Oct. 13.
The Jays executed twice before the intermission, putting the Bruins in a hole that they were unable to crawl out of.
“They were really aggressive and executed well in the first half,” senior Jonah Lage said. “It’s frustrating that we couldn’t be stronger defensively, but also frustrating the offense couldn’t get score.”
The normally high powered Bruin offense had an atypical performance as the offense stalled throughout the game.
“We had chances, but we were inefficient and sloppy at times,” junior Moiz Muhammad said. “It’s disappointing and frustrating but we can learn from it and move on.”
For RBHS, moving on is the next item on the schedule.
The Bruins have three remaining regular season matches, against Vianney, Francis Howell Central and Smith-Cotton, before postseason play begins. The district tournament, hosted by RBHS, will begin Oct. 24.
“It’s definitely a tough loss, but we have to move on,” senior Brett Bales said. “At this point, we’re looking to improve as much as we can and perform well during the postseason, because in the end, that’s what really matter.”