Weightless Confidence


Cassidy Viox

Grant Fougere, a RBHS athlete, has always loved his legs. Being 5’11 and 270 pounds, he certainly has the perfect body to be a football player. Being on the football team has helped him use his legs to his advantage and show off his talent by being able to use his body to block the opposing team.
Fougere plays on the offensive line as a center and as left and right guards, and sometimes plays on the defensive line to rush the passer and to stop running plays of the opposing team. In football, center snaps the ball at the beginning of every play and the left and right guards block on the line of scrimmage for both running and passing plays.
“Without my legs I couldn’t run or push people out of the way,” Fougere said. “I couldn’t help the running backs get through and we wouldn’t have a good offense.”
Ever since Fougere was a child, he was the heavier person in his friend group, but that doesn’t affect his confidence. He’s always loved the way he looks and his weight has never changed his love for his body.
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