Weightless Confidence


Cassidy Viox

Confidence is something that is limited, but precious these days. Media and society body shame men and women, making them feel insecure and guilty about the way they look. This blog will be about promoting body confidence, loving yourself and being comfortable with who you are. No matter what size you are or what you look like, you were made to be yourself and nobody should be able to tell you differently.
Growing up in a society that glorifies a skinny or muscular body type, having body confidence is nearly impossible for some. Being body confident and happy with your appearances plays a huge role in how you perceive yourself. Junior Lydia Thompson is the model in these photos. Thompson loves herself and has embraced her body; she believes that everybody else should feel the same way that she does.
[images_grid auto_slide=”no” auto_duration=”1″ cols=”two” lightbox=”no” source=”media: 275942,275939,275938,275937″]Junior Lydia Thompson poses to promote body confidence. [/images_grid] photos and story by Cassidy Viox