Girls’ soccer beats Smith-Cotton on senior night


Luke Chval

Before the girls’ soccer game against Smith-Cotton Monday, the team honored four seniors, Katie Cook, Sydney Griggs, Sydney Mulholland, and Reilly Strong in one of their final home games.
Sophomore Julia Bowers scored in the 20th minute, and junior Molly Klein did as well in the 42nd to give the Bruins a 2-0 early in the second half. Senior goalkeeper Sydney Mulholland had a cushioned lead for the rest of the game. Smith-Cotton scored in the 63rd minute, however could not recover fully and the Bruins won 2-1.
“[Goalkeeping] is difficult in the sense that there’s always a lot going on that you have to track, like movement and marks and I’d say decision making is tough,” Mulholland said. “A decision I make could make or break the tone and flow of the game which can be really good or not so good.”
Head coach Gary Drewing led the team to victory after a long losing streak, hoping to gain some confidence before the postseason.
“We are prepared to perform well,” Drewing said. “A little rest to our tired legs will be the best thing for us.”
Mulholland savors her experiences as a soccer player and the relationships with her teammates the most. She says the team is very close, with some of the players knowing each other since early childhood.
“My favorite experience of the night was our team dinner afterwards,” Mulholland said. “I’ve met some of my closest friends through Rock Bridge soccer. They all mean a lot to me and we’ve become pretty close over the years.”
By Luke Chval